Internally and Externally

We begin Sfumato, ME MYSELF AND I AM, Berry Blast Theme Park and Nativity Crowne Plaza this weekend. So nothing major is happening. But in all reality this is a big weekend and the beginning to a big series. A lot has to do with the fact that we are tackling some big issues, some deep issues.

With The Message Series
: We will be tackling what lies underneath, the issues that no one sees, the things that lie inside that need to be drawn out.

With Nativity Crowne Plaza: We will be tackling a new frontier, a new way of doing church, a new way of reaching out to people.

The great thing about both these ventures is that they encourage this church to grow, they help us grow internally and externally. The question that we need to think about is, “How will people respond?” because if this church is meant to grow, it’s the people who need to grow, the church members who need to grow. I pray that during this season people embrace the message series and our invitation to invite someone they know to Nativity Crowne Plaza…because a growing church is an amazing thing to witness.