Running On Momentum

One of the things I’m realizing is that with this great series we are building some good momentum.  New students have been showing up to Uprising and Faith Underground has been a hit.  Here’s the problem…we hit a little break going into the next because of Mother’s Day weekend.  I know we have Uprising on Thursday but Resurrection on Sunday would be affected and I don’t want to mess with Mother’s Day…students should be home, being good to their mothers.  But I’m a little nervous because that break could shake up the momentum; therefore, we have to make sure we just power through and enter our next series Birds and The Bees with a lot of hype and energy. 
What’s great about the recent momentum that we’ve been feeling is that we can take it into the summer for our summer events and ministries.  Sometimes when we hit the summer it’s like jump starting a dead car over and over again.  Sometimes wish you could just bottle the energy and use it later.  Oh well, it’s all still good.