Best Series Ever

In my opinion the Dangerous Church/Faith Underground series was the best one we have done for the students this year.  It was just a lot of fun, and filled with an overall message that packed a punch.  It’s exciting for me to have a series like this because we really encouraged students to take tangible steps and they answered.  We have a fun summer line up, things are not closing down and we are really in a good place. 
As a youth pastor it makes me happy to think that things ran as well as they did and again I couldn’t have been more proud of the teams in Uprising, Resurrection and Ascent.  They had fun with the activities, the music was great and the small groups were intense.  Another reason I enjoyed this series so much was that I got to tell stories from the book of Acts.  I love when I get to tell bible stories because you can see the students react with awe and wonder, realizing that the bible has something interesting in it.  I also loved giving messages in this series because the application was clear: To many church is boring, but we know it’s not true.
Another great reason this series was awesome is we had students bring a whole array of friends who don’t go to church or don’t have a church and they got hooked and plugged in.  I know I’m just spouting out bouts of joy and when the dust settles there will be things to critique, but right now it’s important to celebrate in all the wins that we saw.  It’s important to celebrate how we saw Christ work in the student’s lives.