You Need To Give This More Time

I wrote about this two days ago and then a question was brought up in a post I wrote for ym360 and it got me thinking, “How much time do I actually spend on my professional values?” Probably not enough, and most likely never enough; however, they are probably the most important thing in the design of our ministry.  Why?  Because they:
Point To Christ AND In The Direction He’s Leading You

Without values you have NO PURPOSE or VISION.  So how can you enhance, clarify and communicate your values in a way that give them…value?

  • Reference Them:  Your values should be Biblically based.  Using the guidelines of your denomination’s theological beliefs will help you avoid blasphemy but basing them on Biblical principles gives them a solid foundation.  Best place to start…Great Commandments and Commission.
  • Look To The Secular: I know that sounds controversial, but sometimes as religious institutions we limit or dilute the way we communicate our values.  Successful business’ their values shine through (i.e. Disney values storytelling, just look at their theme parks), they live them out.  If your ministry values relationships then how does that live out in your week to week operations?
  • Give Them Life: This is typically done through vision and then lived out in mission.  But the way you give them life is by rewarding those in your ministry that embrace them.  If you want others to know your values, you have to value the people who exemplify them.

I’m still figuring this all out.  And as mentioned before this is something we’re never done examining.  If your values are Biblically based they won’t change, but how you hold them up and live them out will.  A ministry that embraces and clarifies its values is one that people are attracted to because it’s clear Christ is present.

Share your thoughts and some of the values for your ministry.