Giving Thanks, It’ll Do You Good

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Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I’m sure many of us are excited for many reasons.  Thanksgiving means great food, family we haven’t seen in a while, football, Thanksgiving Day Parade and the National Dog Show…for some of you.  As cliche as it is, giving thanks during Thanksgiving is not only a holiday tradition; but, one of the best ways we can honor God.
In student ministry it’s easy to get caught up with the tension, stress, and busyness.  If we allow it to consume us, it will wear us out.  If you want to serve in ministry for the long haul you need to make sure you build margin into your schedule, find others to hold you accountable, take time to grow and lastly find time to:


It’s a simple task that many of us overlook; however, it’s important to what we do.  Again when we give thanks we honor God.  But, how should you give thanks?

  • Thank You Notes – Send them out to the ministers you appreciate.
  • Celebrate Wins – Get together with your team and rehash the highlights of an event or weekend.
  • Share It – Give praise in public to your team, coworker or church through Twitter or any other social medium.

So what am I thankful for?

  1. A God who loves me
  2. A faith that never lets me give up
  3. A wife who supports me
  4. A son who makes me laugh
  5. A family who never gives up on me
  6. A church that inspires me
  7. Coworkers and a Pastor who challenge and rally around me
  8. Ministers who blow me away
  9. Teenagers that remind me who is in control
  10. The gifts of cooking, running, and writing

The list could go on.  I encourage you to use Thanksgiving as a catalyst to giving thanks.  After all when we give praise to God we allow Him to do powerful things in our lives.

What are you thankful for?