My Last Post Of The Year

If you had to take a break or vacation, I’m willing to bet you would.  If you had to step away from a project I’m sure you would do that too.  If you had to stop using technology all together, I bet you could.  But the question is, “Could you stop before you had to?”
Often times we find ourselves making sacrifices when we are at a point of burnout, exhaustion and turmoil.  It’s almost like our breaks and sabbaths are forced upon us because we refuse to do it ourselves.  What if we planned our breaks instead of reacted to the times when we were on the verge of burn out?
Sometimes the break isn’t just from work, but from the hobbies and tasks we take as a part of our daily routine.  For me blogging isn’t just a hobby but a job, and like my full time work in ministry I need breaks.  I can’t remember how I came to the decision, I think I was just tired of writing and decided to stop.  That was about a year ago, since then I’ve taken breaks between Christmas and New Years and during family vacation in August.  It’s difficult to shut it all off; yet it’s an exercise we must practice.  Even if something is good a break can make it better because, when you step away you:

  • Broaden Your Perspective: When you are in the trenches of a project all you will see is what’s right in front of you.  Taking a step back allows you to look at a task with a general perspective.  Sometimes we go so hard at the details, that we forget the original purpose.  If you lose sight of the bigger picture you will find yourself stuck.
  • Build Creative Margin:  When you go, go and go; what you are really doing is expediting energy.  When you are tired you will have a hard time being creative, because of an empty tank.  A relaxed mind is free flowing and ready to explore new frontiers.  Plus, taking a step back means taking on new challenges that can create new thought and ideas.
  • Reevaluate Your Priorities: What you commit to will consume you.  That’s good for the project, bad for what else is important in your life.  I love writing, I love writing on this blog and when I’m on a roll, it’s just me and my thoughts.  That’s great for the writer in me; however, not so great for the husband, father and child of God roles I need to embrace.

With my break I plan to reevaluate the way I write, when I post and the content that I give to you on a weekly basis.  During my break I also plan to pursue a few other projects, unlike past hiatuses this isn’t a total break from technology, but one from my blog (and a few others things).  Why I reflect on my blogging, I want to invite you to share with me your feedback, what you would like to see and what you have enjoyed from Marathon Youth Ministry.
I want to say thank you to my readers who, like, tweet, comment on this blog and those who make my thoughts into conversations.  I want to also thank my wife and son for encouraging me and allowing me to spend time in this medium.  I want to thank my friends in youth ministry who have shared with me their ideas and stories.  My pastor, coworkers and ministers who allow me to speak about them without really speaking about them.  And, lastly God for giving me this gift and passion, I’m truly blessed.

What’s holding you back from a break?

What ideas or topics would you like for me to address in the new year?