Make Your Church Matter

I love going to conferences for a variety of reasons:

  1. It’s a chance to network with others in my field.  
  2. You get to step away from the madness of ministry.  
  3. Lastly, it’s a chance to grow personally and professionally from the experts.

This is something that not only I value; but, the church I work at does as well.  That’s why on November 3rd, 2012 we’ll be hosting our second annual mini-conference: MATTER (Register here).

Why are we doing a conference?  Well, this is what our Pastor Michael White has to say on his blog Make Church Matter:

Here’s the background. For a number of years we set aside a Saturday each fall for a retreat for our parish staff.  The point was to renew everyone in the purpose, mission, and values of our parish.  We also shared our goals and vision for the coming year and got everyone charged up and headed in the right direction. As time went on, the event became more elaborate, so much so that last year we decided, why not open it up to all our ministry leaders? (To read the full post click here)

Eventually, we decided to open it up to other churches because we want to bring hope to the entire body of Christ.  In a time when so many churches are struggling to stay open and fill it’s pews we are growing and thriving.  We aren’t always sure what God is doing; however, we know that we are blessed and would love to have you join us this fall. (For more on Church of the Nativity go here)

So what can you expect?

  • Authenticity – This conference isn’t just about our successes, it’s also about our failures.  We aren’t claiming to be experts, we just want to share what we’ve learned and pass that on to you.  Our staff is a mix of ages and backgrounds.  We all have stories and want to share ours with you and at the same time hear yours.  
  • Support – I know when I’ve attended conferences before that I needed that voice of hope.  Just like you we’ve faced adversity and overcome huge obstacles.  This conference isn’t just about filling your head with knowledge, it’s about showing you a church who is cheering on for you and your ministry.
  • Practical Teaching – Everyone who presents at this conference is currently in the trenches.  That means we aren’t just preaching but living and breathing ministry every day.  What we share with you and show you has been tried and tested.  It’s not just theories but practical steps to get you on the right path.

Doesn’t matter if you are a youth minister, operations officer or involved in adult faith formation, there is something for you.  Again, this is a mini conference from a church staff in the trenches facing the same situations you are facing.  And, we want you to be a part of it.  That’s why I’m going to give away 3 free passes through Marathon Youth Ministry.  All you have to do is:

  1. Subscribe via email to this blog. (To subscribe via email click here)
  2. Leave a comment below as to why you want to make church matter.

This contest will end on October 1st at noon EST.  The church staff will then select three winners based on their comments and I will send you the promo code to get in for free.

So, why do you want to Make Church Matter?