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If It’s Snowing Outside, Summer Should Be On Your Mind


It’s hard to think about anything but holiday shopping, parties and last minute preparations for Christmas. But this season is also a perfect time to start preparing for summer.

Not only will you get ahead but create a continuos flow that won’t interrupt the momentum. Here are 3 steps to take now so that summer season doesn’t sneak up on you…again:  Read More

Is Your Family Losing Out On Your Ministry?


If you had to walk away from ministry to save your family would you? Before you quickly respond think about it. Is the line clear? Probably not, I know because I’ve been there.

Walking away from ministry for your family is difficult because it might be something you love. It’s something that you might have been doing before you got married and had kids. But, you know it’s time to walk away when: Read More

Stop, Collaborate And Get Results: 3 Steps To Effectively Brainstorm With Your Volunteers

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You finally get people to show up to your planning meeting. You are ready to take the ministry to the next level. But, you’re nervous.

Your nervous because you are afraid it’s not going to be helpful. You’ve tried this before, you’ve tried gathering a group of people to share ideas and collaborate only to discover  Read More

How To Deal With Difficult Coworkers

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If you get along with all of your coworkers there is no need to read this. But, if there is someone who annoys you or drives you nuts then take assurance that you are normal. Even in church world we encounter difficult coworkers.

But, how do you deal with them? We’re all supposed to be Christians and fighting for the same thing, but that’s not always the case because there are people who: Read More

Where You Should Focus Now To Get Ahead In The Next Year

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Are you just praying for that little break between Christmas and New Years? You know those few days when you can just press pause on ministry and BREATHE?

It’s easy to go into survival mode during the holidays. We tell ourselves, “I just got to get through one more party, or one more event!” It’s easy to go from being proactive to reactive but that’ll just  Read More

What To Do When You Have A Full Plate

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Every Thanksgiving I tell myself, “I’m not going to overload my plate.” I don’t want to do it because I know I’ll feel lethargic and totally useless.

In ministry the same thing happens when we overload our schedules and to-do lists. When we overload our plates we end up tiring ourselves out and become totally ineffective. If you are tired of that then you need to: Read More

Why Your Ministry Needs A Weekly Webshow

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People are watching more video (Check out the stats here) which begs the question, “How does that impact your ministry?”

Video is a highly effective method of communication. People are visual and it’s something you can access on the go.

For the past two months my coworker Amy and I have been using video via Facebook Live to communicate to parents. What originally started as an experiment has become something bigger. We’ve learned through this webshow that:
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