Why Your Ministry Needs A Weekly Webshow

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People are watching more video (Check out the stats here) which begs the question, “How does that impact your ministry?”

Video is a highly effective method of communication. People are visual and it’s something you can access on the go.

For the past two months my coworker Amy and I have been using video via Facebook Live to communicate to parents. What originally started as an experiment has become something bigger. We’ve learned through this webshow that:
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How To Be Heard Above All The Noise

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As a communicator nothing is more discouraging than a disengaged audience. While it’s easy to blame the audience the truth is that the speaker owns the moment.

Distractions and noise are a part of every day life. To communicate with a fully focused audience is a rare occasion. If you want to be heard above the noise you need to: Read More

Why Teens Will Come Back To Your Ministry


From free burrito nights to mandatory attendance we’ll do anything to attract teens to our ministry. But, sometimes the challenge isn’t getting them there initially, it’s making sure they come back.

Why do teens come back to your ministry? It’s a question my ministry asks our every year. The answer wasn’t games, food or cool prizes. The reason teens came back was because of the: Read More

How To Handle Middle School Students Without Going Crazy

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Why is middle school youth ministry such an after thought? It basically boils down to these two reasons:

1. You hated your own middle school years and don’t want to relive it.

2. Middle school students seem like unruly, hormone driven animals and who wants that?

It’s also the perfect opportunity to grow a healthy youth ministry. Unfortunately, it scares most of us, but it doesn’t have to. If you want to do middle school youth ministry right, then you need to start:

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Are You Making Yourself Lonely?


You can see the pain in their eyes. They love what they are doing but feel like they are on an island all by themselves. One of the biggest challenges I see youth ministers face is loneliness.

It’s something we can all battle. Whether you are a parent, leader or working in the trenches of church ministry loneliness can eat at you. But, what if it was all in your head? Read More