Eliminating the Noise

Lent starts tomorrow with Ash Wednesday and like most Catholics I think about what I’m going “give up” this season. And the number one thing right now has to be sweets, which seems like a standard sacrifice. But I’m also going to try and take on some more quiet time with God, so I’m going to look at my schedule and see where there is noise and look at how I can eliminate some of the noise that is around me. Right off the bat one place I can think of is in the morning when I usually watch television, I don’t really enjoy what I watch, but it’s background noise; therefore, that can be eliminate. Another place I can eliminate noise is during my car rides, no radio, no CD’s, no Ipod, just silence. I’m sure as the season goes on I can identify other places where noise consumes my life.
On a similar note I’m finding the most difficult day for me to connect with God right now is Tuesdays…today. Driving into work this morning I had this anxious feeling towards staff prayer time. I use to blame the format of our staff prayer time on these feelings; however, I think the reality of the situation is a reluctance to show God what’s really going on inside. And what’s funny is, there isn’t really anything horrible going on inside, but temptation and Satan are telling me that prayer is a waste of time. But, that would be dumb, because when is being with God really a waste of time? That’s why I need to eliminate the noise in my life this Lenten season, because it serves as a distraction and a temptation to ignore His voice, and if I’m going to continue to do what god wants me to do, then it would only make sense to listen. And even though nothing “horrible” is going on, we always need God to work on what’s going on inside.