Live By The Series Die By The Series

After last night I realize that I’m living in a sea of emotions…well, not me personally, but the entire ministry. There seemed to be emotions emerging from students, ministers and parents. Nothing bad really, just unexpected…well sort of…let me explain. Each time we do a powerful series I seem to live through it in a way that’s intense.

  • Three years ago during our Lenten series 40 days of Prayer, we focused on connecting with God, going through the desert periods in life and at that time I was going through a desert. I felt alone in ministry and questioned whether or not I was in the right place. It had nothing to do with staff dynamics, I’ve always felt supported by staff, it was just a period of self reflection and self examination, a time where I really needed to discern God’s path for me.
  • Last year’s Lenten series was Tug of War where we focused on the spiritual battle going on inside of us and around us and man did I feel it. With the loss of my mother in law and several other events I felt constantly attacked by Satan, constantly bombarded by sadness, disappointment and loss, to recover from all of that felt insane.
  • This past fall we had another one of stewardship series where my wife and I committed to get our finances in order with a baby on the way, the day after this commitment my car kicked the bucket. Saving for a new baby and a used but baby safe car was stressful and the message of giving more to God, relinquish control of your finances to God, was tough, but we did it.
  • Now comes Sfumato (or as we are calling it in student programming Me Myself and I Am) and while I expect with a baby on the way for new emotions to surface in my life, I’m definitely seeing emotions emerge from the people around me.

I’ve always been faithful in the fact that God works through this church, but to see Him work through individuals blows my mind. There is a lot inside of us that needs to be let out, approached and nurtured. There is a lot of us who need to be freed from sin and darkness, and a lot of us that need God to heal what’s broken inside. I don’t know what other people think, I would like to know how the message series have lived out in other people’s lives. I just pray that during this season the people of this community take advantage of what this church offers to help with this process of emotional health. I pray that people check out Crowne Plaza, that people join a small group, that they check out the God Trust ministers and I pray that teenagers who go to our church find the healing they need in Ascent, Resurrection and Uprising. This church isn’t for church people and it isn’t just for adults…it’s for anyone who wants to meet the God who loves them and wants to heal them. So how are you taking advantage of the series?