A Vision Beyond Things

I was thinking more about yesterday’s post and how and why a place like this would be important. It would be important because it would give students a place to worship where they felt safe and loved, it would be exciting and fun, but it would be useless if we as a student ministry really didn’t take on the important part of our ministry. One thing buildings, programs and people have in common is that if vision is built on them, they will crumble with them. What I mean to say is building, programs and people are important in fulfilling a vision, they are a part of the strategy; however, they aren’t always the solution. As much as I would love to have the space described in the previous post, it’ll never be the “thing” that brings a student to Christ, it’ll only make that easier. Same thing with a program, the program will never be the “thing” that brings a student to Christ, it’ll just clarify the steps. And with a person, the specific person will never be the “thing” that brings a student to Christ, he or she will be the cheer leader, the mentor, the coach, the guide to introducing a student into a relationship with Christ. The “thing” that brings people to Christ is their own will to accept Him into their hearts. I know some people may not agree, but if we build a ministry on anything (building, program or person) other than Christ it will fall when that thing goes away or fails.
The vision I have for student ministry here at Nativity is filled with Authenticity, Consistency and Irresistible people, programs and buildings. Hopefully through this blog I’ve shared with you all what those things look like, but now what I need to envision and clarify for others is the authentic, consistent and irresistible teenage disciple of Christ. I don’t have that yet but you can be assured that I’m working on it.