Initial Improvements

Last night we did something new with Resurrection…well…I can’t take credit for it, but the ministers rearranged the furniture without asking me. How dare they? No, it’s cool because what they did worked. They moved our couches and sack chairs closer to the stage and created an intimate yet exciting atmosphere. But the thing they deserve the most credit for is taking initiative in making an environment more irresistible. They didn’t invent anything, they didn’t come up with some complicated idea, they simply saw something we had and tweaked it. Again this is probably something we could have done earlier, but it didn’t come from me, it didn’t have to. In fact one thing I’ve noticed about ministers in all the programs is how all of them have been stepping up their game and especially when it comes to interacting with students before and after worship/small groups. There’s no longer an atmosphere of chaperoning, but one where adults are meeting students where they are and guiding them to the next step. It’s truly a feeling of mentorship. So I guess you could say I’m feeling good.