Focusing a Series

Me, Myself and I Am is in the books. When I look back at this series I’m going to remember the outstanding speaking, and the great teamwork from the ministers. Overall I’m pleased when I look at the systems and structures…when it comes to content, I’m not really sure how I feel. The subjects were good, I’m just don’t know if I created an outline that went deep enough into the subjects, I’m not sure if I’m writing series that really tackle the issues that teens face…it’s almost like each message series is an overview of the basics. But its important not to be too specific because then you are going to alienate a large portion of your audience…what you want to do is find a subject or content that is designed for a specific audience but resonates with the rest of the group. An example of this is bullying, growing up I was never bullied, I didn’t bully other students, but to say bullying doesn’t happen would be ignorant of me. If I’m talking to a group of students about bullying it’s going to be directed at the few who are bullied and the few who bully, those who aren’t are going to be made aware of an issue that they may not have known before…they are going to be more aware of it; therefore, if they see it, they are going to be more likely to do something about it. Same thing goes with sex, not every teen is having sex, not every teen is tempted by sex, but talking about the issue is important because it brings awareness to students that some people struggle with things that they don’t even know about.
This past series was great, but I think we’ve been writing too many umbrella messages, covering too much in too little time, I probably need to see how specific I can get. I don’t know, I tend to ramble in thoughts after a message because I always want to make things that much better…but right now things are good. Again systematically things are great.