Start. Stop. Ministry.

With March Madness officially over there is a little void in my heart, but then again I’m sure that void will now be filled with baseball.  I love sports, but it’s always hard for me to see a season end because I just enjoy watching sports so much.  It’s kind of like watching your favorite television series come to an end or your favorite movie trilogy conclude.  You think to your self, “How can I go on.”  Well, most people do.
Going in and out of a message series is the same, you come to the end you are slightly exhausted, slightly sad (unless the series sucked) and slightly excited for the next one coming up.  The problem that I have is making the transition because by the time a new series comes up I’ve just exhausted myself with the previous, it’s this abrupt end and abrupt start.  It’s my own fault I get obsessed and engulfed in the series and have a hard time looking ahead.  What probably needs to be changed in how I look at the message series schedule. It would probably be helpful if I took a big picture approach and looked at how each series is a step to a bigger theme.  Then going from one series to the next would be more fluid and less start and stop.  Plus if message series don’t flow then it’s a big mess with the question, “Why do I need to know all of this?” looming out there.  Essentially when you have a plan, things run smoothly and there is less uneasiness.