Slow and Steady Takes Care of the Pile Forming On My Desk

There appears to be multiple things piling up on my desk and I’ll admit I’ve dropped the ball on my pacing for getting stuff done.  Yesterday I talked about transitions and the transition from Lent to Easter is a doosy.  It’s left me feeling like I’m behind.  What I try to do when I get overwhelmed, is lock my office door, hide under my desk and cry, telling the badness to go away.  No, in reality I just try to slow things down, take a deep breath and slowly but surely get back to my pace.  To go at everything at light speed would only cause for more burnout and more worry. 
I equate the situation to when I’m trying to maintain a certain pace on a run, if I fall behind that pace the worse thing for me to do would try and get it all back at once, but if I make slow and slight improvements in my pace I’m expediting less energy and sooner than later chip away at the deficit.  It’s essentially putting together a plan.  Sometimes we can go all out and attach a deficit, race to catch up because in the end it’s all in or nothing.  But when it comes to getting back to a work pace it’s important to remain calm and slowly but surely chip away at the pile, you’ll get there, it’s kind of that saying, “Slow and steady wins the race.”