The Weight Of Ministry Health

4/14/09 – I weighed 209.6 pounds
4/14/10 – I weigh 207.8  pounds
I lost almost two pounds this year…doesn’t seem like much, but it’s progress right?  But then again if you were to look at what I weighed week in a week out I sometimes fluctuated above the 209 mark (most I weighed this year was 212) and went well below the 207.8 mark (least I weighed was 197).  I’m not fat, but I would like to lose some weight, I just don’t like having some of the extra stuff around.  So again I lost two pounds, does that mean I’m healthier?  Not necessarily, I would like to think so and their is reason to believe I am.  My waist size is smaller, my running time is better, I drink less soda and beer…I am a junk food junky, but overall I feel great and I’ve always passed my physical.  So why am I sharing all this personal info?  I think our physical health is a lot like our ministry health.  There are a lot of obvious signs of health and not so obvious signs and this summer I plan to evaluate where we are as a ministry.  Here are some of those areas:

  • Attendance (small groups, crowd, ministry, confirmation)
  • Ministry team size
  • Minister’s attitudes towards leadership
  • Minister’s understanding of programming
  • Parent’s understanding of ministry
  • Student’s understanding of ministry

It’s clear why you should evaluate the health of your ministry, because you want to make sure you can last and not burnout.  But another reason it’s important is because it helps you gauge how to plan out the year, how you present tasks, message series, to whom you expedite energy and when you share what information. 
If you were to ask me today how we are doing as a ministry I would say we have holes but confident that we are strong.  The reason I feel this way is because last year at this time we were wrapping things up and tired, this year we have about two months left and we are moving strong.  But again, time will tell and when we look back we’ll see room for improvement.  Whether the progress is big or small it’s important to know whether or not you are moving in the right direction.