Moments from Breakthrough or Frustration

The ministry is strong but I know we still have to bust through a couple of things.  As a runner the best way to describe it is the beginning of a run where you are shaking off the rust and you are waiting for that moment of runner’s bliss also known as the runner’s high.  For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about it’s like I’m under water in a frozen pond and moments from breaking through the ice so that I can breathe the sweet taste of oxygen.  It’s like we are coming to the last couple of pieces of the ministry puzzle.  It feels like that, but it’s also been feeling like that for a while. 
Frustration is one of those dangers to a dangerous church’s ministry and I’m trying not to get that way, and it’s hard not to get that way at the end of a year.  It’s easy to think, let me go into cruise control to get to the end of the year, collapse and then regroup sometime in mid July.  I use to do that but I don’t want that anymore because I know we are stronger as a ministry and that would be about succumbing to the devil’s evil tricks.  So how do you bust through the doldrums, the ease of the summer schedule, the temptation to just take your time? 
I don’t really think there is much besides asking God to power you through with the Holy Spirit…when we are in the desert we need to rely on God.  Unfortunately I don’t think this season is a self motivation season for me like the beginning of Fall and the New Year.  It’s interesting to think that as a church we are in the Easter season, the liturgy focuses on the great acts of men and women; yet, it’s so tempting to say, “7 more weeks till summer break”…and the funny thing is I don’t have a summer break, my schedule, the ministry changes but there’s no break.  That’s what I’m fighting now, I’ve got those pieces to the puzzle, I’m moments away from breakthrough, it’s just important not to give up.