Margin of Error

Last weekend letters to the bishop for our Confirmation Mass were due and this weekend applications for those who want to do confirmation prep for 2010-2011 are due…I think I made a doo doo.  Well, not a huge one, but I knew by making letters due last week that people have a tendency to hand them in late, which is fine in regards to getting them downtown to the bishop.  But what’s happened is a mess of paperwork that all deals with the same ministry.  So now I get to spend today sorting through past and present.
When it comes to paperwork, I’m a mess, I have no organizational skills or at least I pretend to but in the end sorting through this and that stinks.  I would love just to get away from paper, something we can do but right now it’s the easiest thing for me to handle…I know that sounds funny considering I can hardly handle this.  But to sit down think out online forms, databases, etc, is a little overwhelming of a thought.  One of my goals this summer is to figure out the systems and structures that freak me out and delegate or eliminate them.  So you can add that to my to do list.