Week 2 of Faith Underground

So Week 2 is in the bags for Faith Underground, and I have to say I really like the series.  First reason I like the series is because I get to tell the stories of the early church and how there were brave men and women who died for the name of Christ.  I’ve heard some of the small group leaders share stories of how each one died.  Now the point is not to marvel at how they died but the fact that they underwent persecution and insanely painful deaths.
The second I reason I’m liking this series is because of the response from the students.  One example I can see is that I challenged the students to express their faith through God’s word on Facebook, so far I’ve only seen one student do it, but one is a start.  I give that student all the credit, because in order for them to even think about it, I had to show them and to replace my profile pic with my image was a little intimidating.  Regardless of whether or not they do the challenges I set forth, it definitely appears as if God has their attention.  It’s all new this idea of being a part of something rebellious and radical and they like it.  I don’t know what’s going to come of the series but all I know is it feels as if we are building momentum, which is important considering we are heading into the summer months.
We have a list of ways we are going to keep things running this summer and I’m hoping that the students don’t go into vacation mode and abandon ship.  I also hope that ministers don’t go into vacation mode and say goodbye until the fall…but I have a good feeling that that’s not going to happen.