Are You Ready For Some Football…wait it’s April!

So they’ve recently released the 2010 NFL schedule and it seems like the Ravens have a couple of games on Sunday.  This use to be a huge source of stress for me because it appeared that when the Ravens played no one would show up to any of our programs.  But this past year, that kind of changed, I don’t know if it was me not caring or the fact that if I were to take a look at every single week there seems to be some kind of competing system, event or program to what I’m trying to do.  There can be three day weekends, local sports clubs, Raven games, snow, summer, sunny days, rainy days…there is a whole list of excuses and reasons why people will miss our student programs…so does that mean I should just give up and cancel what we do?  I could look for a more ideal time but then we would face a whole slew of new problems.  I have to accept the fact that other people’s priorities or how they organize their priorities are different from mine.  I have to believe that people want a relationship with Christ, to be a part of His church or else what I’m doing is done in vane.  So I shouldn’t worry about the schedule, I just need to worry about encouraging people to push on in their faith journey.
I’ll admit there are optimal times for certain events but when push comes to shove a lot depends on whether or not your are giving optimal programs at optimal times.  I believe we are doing that for the most part.  So it’ll be interesting to see how the Raven’s do this year, they’re opening up against the J-E-T-S Jets! Jets! Jets! in the Big Apple, that’s a Monday night game I believe…just thought I would let you know. 
But in all seriousness, it’s important to face our obstacles, embrace our limits and take them head on…so what’s standing in the way of your relationship with Jesus Christ?