Fed and Feed

Some of the staff is going down to Georgia this weekend because that’s where the devil went (fyi Charlie Daniels reference)…no just kidding, but the staff is really going to Georgia, to North Point for the Drive Conference.  Well, again it’s some of the staff, I’ll be in Timonium, kind of wishing I was there, but that’s because I love conferences.  I haven’t been to one in a while, so my itch is getting stronger.  There’s something about them that puts all the chaos in a ministers’/pastor’s life at ease. 
Thursday mornings are going to be tough again because I’m getting up early to go to Ironman, in fact I apologize if the entry seems kind of rushed.  It’s because I’m trying to get it done before I go in, but I wanted to talk about the importance of being fed.  Ironman, the bible study/men’s group I do on Thursday mornings feeds me, conferences feed me, prayer time with my family and staff feeds me, small group and Mass feed me.  The list goes on and on and it’s important that I constantly look to be fed by God through different medium.  I don’t want to mix it up too much or else I might not go deep, but the reason it’s important for anyone (especially youth pastors/ministers) to get fed is because you don’t want to get burnt out and lose focus of the most important part of your job…God.  And then on the flip side you want to make sure you never make it only about you or else you stay consumer.  You want to make sure you aren’t focusing your ministry on making sure you are satisfied daily or again you lose sight of the most important part of your job…God.
It’s the balance of consuming and contributing.  You got to know how you are being fed and how you are feeding others…so how are you?