Doing It Once And Maybe Never Again

Last night was our Confirmation Mass, for me it was the fourth one I “coordinated” and all I can say is I’m happy the Mass is over, because it freaking stressed me out.  Our Pastor pointed out to me it was probably exhausting and overwhelming because it’s something I don’t do often…in fact it’s something I only do once a year.  I tried to think of something else I only do once a year that would be so different from what I do every day.  So here’s my question, “What do I do about that?”
But before I tackle this question let me clarify, when I say coordinate the Mass I mean it in a loose term, because there isn’t a lot for me to coordinate.  The rest of the staff is here doing what they do best; however, all of a sudden I have more decisions in who reads what, and when what happens and then I have to make sure these guidelines are followed.  But again I’m overreacting because the staff is great at supporting me.  But here’s the thing…I’m a youth pastor, a youth minister, a director of student ministry, it’s just not in my blood to do what I did yesterday and each year…so again what do I do about it?
Nothing?  I don’t know about that, I have to find a system that works, because it’s not worth getting stressed out about it, because if I allow myself to get stressed then there’s going to be collateral damage to my behavior (i.e. family).  Put more work into it?  Possibly, I always need to improve, but in reality, I don’t know where I can improve on.  Probably the best solution is to build a team where this is their focus, their purpose, to facilitate and coordinate the Mass.  Find people who love doing this sort of thing and hand it off to them.  Maybe, who knows, but I guess I have about a year to think it through…all I know is I’m tired but pleased with how well it went.