Next On The List

Yesterday I knocked three things off my to do list and I’m liking how this week I’m going to work on ministry building.  That means evaluations for the new ministers, looking at our recruiting structures and looking at how we train our leaders.  When it comes to the:
Evaluations, I’m going to have the new ministers (those who have been serving 1 year or less) evaluate our culture, how well we support them, how clear our vision is to them, etc.  It’s important to ask the newer ministers to evaluate us because they have fresh eyes, they’ve just walked in the door they are going to see what we haven’t been able to see because those of us who have been there for years are so deeply invested.
Recruiting Structures, I’m going to look at the steps we want ministers to take when they join us.  Should they be crowd ministers first, can they be small group leaders right away, what makes a mentor?  How do we get people fully invested?  Right now I have my point people doing the recruiting, but I probably need specific people for this role.  I need people who’s only role is to recruit…I don’t know but that’s what I’m going to look at.
Training Leaders, I have to get my ministers to a conference.  In the past we took leaders to a conference and I need to get them back there because it’s going to help them grow.  One way I learn is through books, but I’ve found giving my leaders those same books doesn’t always work, because not everyone learns through reading.  I probably need to create retreat and feeding opportunities for them, so that they can grow and become effective and efficient in ministry.