Read, Read, Read.

The offices have been rather quiet this week because half the staff is in Atlanta at the Drive Conference hosted by North Point Church.  I know I mentioned this before but I’m a little jealous, but I know they are learning some good stuff to bring back to us.  As we hit the summer time I like to put in my schedule times to grow and learn in my craft.  For the last three years I’ve reread three books, “Good to Great”, “7 Practices of Effective Ministry” and “PDYM”.  I don’t know if I’ll reread them again, but I know I need to revisit all the principles learned in those books.  In fact as I write this I look at my book shelf wondering, “What haven’t I read yet?” and then, “What’s worth reading?”
When it comes to growth as a youth pastor, picking up a book is hard for me (no I can read…jerk), but because I hate investing myself in something that doesn’t pan out and I hate not finishing a book.  I’ve pained myself through horrible books, but to me it’s better to do that than not to finish it.  But I love books on ministry, business, systems and structures because this is where I’ve learned the most.
I’m also always looking for new authors, looking for new books that have new takes on marketing, youth ministry, pop culture, speaking, etc.  So I’m going to look at my bookshelf more, before I head to or to check out any new books, see if there is something worth my time…maybe I’ll try this bible?