To All The Mothas

Today is Mother’s Day, a day which believe it or not is pretty busy for us at Nativity.  I don’t have any of the student programs (Ascent, Resurrection and Uprising), but this is a weekend where we make sure mom’s feel special…because they are.  I’ve kind of questioned whether or not we should cancel program on this day, and I was starting to think it was a mistake to cancel, but I actually had a few mom’s thank me for doing that.  Some of the mom’s were sharing how their day is crowded with lacrosse tournaments, brunches, family get-togethers, etc.  It’s kind of funny how a Mother’s Day celebration can seem almost as hectic as Christmas morning.  So, I’ll say this, “This is a day, where mom’s should be loved, cherished and honored and even if you are that way to mom everyday, make this one day a little bit more special….okay?”
So, for now, we’ll break, rest and take care of our mothers.  I want to thank all the great mother’s who serve in the student ministry, you are all great, loving and nurturing to the students.  Lastly, “Happy Mother’s Day” to all the moms, especially my mom, Nana and my wife on her first mother’s day.