I Can’t Believe I Heard That In Church

What would you think if you walked into church this weekend and the pastor started talking about sex and dating?  Tonight we begin our new series Birds and the Bees, that’s what we are calling our sex and dating series for teens.  Going into this series I know we don’t have the same momentum as Faith Underground, partially because Mother’s Day doesn’t provide the same spiritual high as Easter.  But, it’s also hard to get this series moving because I don’t know if the subject screams, “Oh yeah church is talking about sex!”  I actually don’t mind teaching the subject, in fact I hope I embrace this series more like I did the last one.
There’s a list of subjects that I wish we did cover, some of the harder issues, my problem is that I really don’t take the time to do the research.  There are a lot of teens that face issues in suicide, pornography, eating disorders, cutting, etc. and while I briefly talk about those subjects or mention them in a message, we never really do tackle them in the way we attempt to tackle sex and dating.  And it isn’t because our series don’t provide an opportunity, they do we just don’t tackle them properly.  In fact I bet there is a large majority of people, especially teens that wish they knew what God said about topic X.
Next week our staff will be going away to figure out the year, so this will be a good opportunity for me to see what we can say and when we can say what we can say about certain topics.  I’m looking forward to it.
What are some of the hard issues you wish church talked about?