Okay Now I’m Ready

Got here (Avalon, NJ) at midnight, started the lasagna with the help of the staff, went to bed at 1:30am, got up and ran at 6:30am, finished the lasagna, made breakfast and now I have time to write before our the beginning of the first full day of our staff planning retreat.  On my morning run I did a few 1/2 mile laps between the pier and the jetty while one of my coworkers swam in the ocean, my responsibility was to make sure she didn’t drown…she didn’t.  It was a good run because I wasn’t focused on time, I wasn’t focused on distance, I was just focus on enjoying the beach and the ocean.  As I would turn to my head to check on my coworker, I noticed a few dolphins gliding in and out of the water, all I can say is what a scene and I can’t thank God enough for giving me a beautiful morning.
But now I prepare for the retreat, now I prepare for intense decision making and discussion that will forward the momentum of this awesome church, here are three things I strive to do today:

  • Listen – I have a tendency to talk to much.
  • Push My Limits – If a suggestion is made that I’m not open to, I’ll give it time to settle in before I really make up my mind.

And really that’s it, I know I just have to remain open, because if I’m not open I can’t grow.  I hope to share with you some of the revelations and things we decide over the next few days.