Running In A Hurricane Of Tension

I went for a run this morning, the first 2 miles were great…yeah it was rainy but I was flying and then when I turned around to go back to the beach house…BAM!  The wind hit me, I felt as if at any second the wind was going to lift me away and drop me off in Oz.  The thing that stinks about running into the wind is everything moves into slow motion even if mind, heart and soul want to race forward.
Yesterday was day one of our staff planning retreat and we tackled two tough subjects: Series Message Schedule and the Steps we want our church members to take.  I’m on both committees which means I’ve been working on both topics for a while both individually and collaboratively; however, now it was time to present.  For the most part it went well, it started off great, but then the team saw where things to match, didn’t flow and didn’t go and expressed their concerns and gave insight…not a problem.  However, there is still tension because I want to move forward and start producing.  But the smart thing to do for any of us in a similar situation of presenting ideas or a plan is to:

  • Listen first, ask questions later (and make sure questions are for clarification purposes).
  • Revisit your intentions for the plan or why you are emotionally attached to the idea. (Why is this so important?)
  • Have faith in your final decision (Yeah you can’t please everyone, but also be sure to explain if people ask why you didn’t use their feedback)

It’s not a scientific process but be ready to reflect and then decide.  Never shoot first and ask later, and don’t be afraid to make a decision when the time comes.
What for you is most difficult reflecting on feedback or making the final decision?