It’s Always Sunny In Timonium

Back home, got to see my love, my boy, the drive back was good and God showed me His mercy and grace by watching over me on the drive back.  What do you mean?  Well, two things.

  1. Tuesday night the car’s check engine light began to flash, which means “Oh crap, pull over turn off your car and walk away.”  After moments of panic I went online to see if I could diagnose a problem before seeking the help of AAA or some mechanic in NJ.  What I found was hundreds of VW Jetta owners who had this experience after their cars had sat for a few days idle in cold, hard rain…that’s what my Jetta had done.  So I asked God for His grace and on the drive home, no car issues, in fact the check engine light is no longer on.  I know that’s not always the way to pray for God, but I won’t deny that He had me covered.
  2. On our drive home we were heading down a slightly narrow route 9, when coming our way was one of those trucks that moves small houses.  At the time it seemed as if this truck was spinning out and that the small house was going to come flying off and barrel roll towards us, but at the perfect moment the truck swerved back on to it’s side of the road.  What had happened was that the truck was trying to avoid a low branch that would have knocked the house of the bed of the truck…crazy stuff.

Day 3 of the staff planning retreat in Avalon was filled with a few problem solving exercises, a recap of the week and for us as a staff to implement a few action steps before we headed home.  I’m excited to get started, but I have to say before this retreat I wasn’t sure how things would pan out.  In my ministry I saw the check engine light flashing in a few areas, this year has been filled with close moments like our drive home; however, as a staff we still stand together and I know that they are with me in the year ahead. I think time together as a staff outside the building is important because it builds a bond that can get lost inside the work place, but I know not every church or organization can do that, so the question is:

What can your team of ministers or staff do to develop a bond of trust and love?