Why I Shouldn’t Clone Myself

I have two hours to work on duplicating myself…not really working, plus I think my beliefs are against cloning…oh yeah they are, but right now having two of me would be helpful.  It also would have been helpful if I hadn’t planned two meetings back to back.  First meeting is for new ministers and having them evaluate us on how we are as a ministry and how well we did in setting them up and clarifying the ministry.  The second meeting is for the Confirmation Mentors.  I’ve struggled with planning this meeting because I don’t have a lot meetings with them, in fact I don’t have much interaction with these ministers.  One of the action steps I hope to accomplish in this meeting is to set-up times that we can connect as a group in the future.  All in all I love meeting with my ministers one on one, and when we are aimed in building them up spiritually, but planning and strategy meetings are where I drop the ball.  It’s mostly due to the fact:

  • Too many or not enough people are invited.  I can never decide if these meetings are leadership or whole group meetings.  And I can’t decide if I should do them one on one or with the team together.
  • There is no agenda.  I need structure or else I just ramble and then it seems like a waste of time.  And it’s not because I don’t know what to meet about, it’s just that I don’t prioritize.

What I like about spiritual training and one on one meetings is that they mainly focus on sharing life.  Planning and strategy meetings I know are beneficial, but I can get lost in the details.  I’m not sure what I need to do to embrace the process, but I know creating an agenda, starting on time and finishing on time are important ingredients to success.
Where are your struggles in meetings and what would you suggest to make meetings more engaging and efficient?