Trying to Keep My Elephant on The Right Path

I’m great at letting my emotions run me over and at the same time over thinking a situation.  That’s the reason why it’s taking me hours to write a simple book review post.  I started writing this post at 8:30am and it’s three hours later.  A couple of events have taken place that have allowed my emotions to drive my day and things are a little out of whack.  I can’t focus because my emotions want me to do all these different things, when my mind is like, “Just get writing.”  So anyway I wanted to review Switch: How to Change Things When Change is Hard by Chip and Dan Heath.  Which is actually addresses the situation I find myself in today.  Switch talks about our inability and ability for big and little change.  You may want to change a habit or redirect a companies mission, regardless of the change there are three things to take into consideration: The Rider, The Elephant and The Path.

  • The Rider is our mind, it allows us to make decisions based on feedback, information and facts.
  • The Elephant is our emotions which is fueled by feelings and change.  Our emotions are like an elephant because no matter how much information we may have, our emotions can override our ability to make a logical decision.
  • The Path is the vision, direction or purpose our rider needs to take our elephant.  This can be the rider’s best friend because when we can tweak an environment, build habits and find contagious behavior we can really get things moving.

I could go into more detail; however, then I would just need to rewrite the book.  I would advise you to check out their website and even give the book a shot.