What Do You Say With Only One Minute To Talk?

I’m getting better at talking about sex.  Tonight is week 3 of our series Birds and the Bees and tonight we tackle the topic of wise decisions.  I’ve been going over and over in my head how to articulate certain subjects and I’m not exactly sure how it’ll come out, because each time I approach the subject my words change.  After tonight we only have 2 more regularly scheduled Thursday and Sunday nights.  We will still continue meeting with high school students; however, the format of the program will be changing to the Church at Chipotle format.  With that going on I know have more time to focus on the upcoming 2010-2011 message series schedule that will begin in September.  With that time I’m also going to focus on how I can give more of my time to research and writing so that I can have messages that don’t drag on and are filled with engaging subject matter.  I want the mindset of when I speak to students that I only have a minute to speak to them and in that minute I have to get out at least one point that’s going to help them take at least one step closer to Christ.  It’s insane I know but it really challenges me not to waste anyone’s time.  I do plan to speak for more than 1 minute but I want to make sure each message is impacting and engaging.

So if you had a minute to speak to teenagers what would you say?