Baked Beans on My Survey

I’ve had too much barbecue this weekend, so much that each breath I take reeks of baked beans.  As good as the food at barbecues are it can be hard to digest.  I’ve been reading the results of a survey I sent out to parents a few days ago.  I’ve gotten about 30 replies so far and the information has been more than helpful.  Some of the feedback while hard to digest, has answered a lot of questions and assumptions I’ve been caring around for the last 6 years.  This is what I have:

  • Communicating to Parents – I have to do a better job communicating to parents what we are and what we teach.  From the feedback there is still a large number of parents who think our student programs are something that they aren’t, I’m not surprised because I know I need to better clarify it for them.  What was encouraging is how many parents want to know more about what we teach the students…we do a horrible job at that, I know we will do better this fall.
  • Sex, Prayer and Going to Church – The three top subjects parents said they struggled to talk to and communicate to their teens dealt with communicating the importance of prayer, going to church and sexual morality.  Many didn’t know where to start.
  • Service, Forgiveness, Catholic Faith and Family Life – Were the top four subjects parents want the student ministries to talk about, I was surprised that after reading parents frustrations that more didn’t want us to talk about bullying, sex, drugs and alcohol.

While the parents feedback is really important it would also be encouraging to know what people think todays teenager needs to know the most.  Please share your thoughts.