I Think My Heart Is Under The Sofa

I’m such a goof, last night I was sitting on the sofa watching So You Think You Can Dance practically an emotional wreck.  It was probably due to the fact that I had a somewhat emotional day.  I have also been reading Craig Groeschel’s Christian Atheist, which has been tearing away at my soul and helping me understand a few (really many) of the things that I need to work on.  But as I was watching these young men and women leave it out on the stage, receive critiques from respected choreographers and share something that they live for I thought about the search for purpose many of our students undergo through their teenage lives.  I asked myself, “How are we facilitating that?”

I’m willing to admit that our weakest point as a student ministry is getting students involved in ministry.  Many parents in our survey are asking that our students get involved in mission work and while mission work is important, ministry is a powerful tool in helping people discover what it means to be a servant leader, how to submit to one another mutually and serve out of love.  There really isn’t much to take away from this post with the exception that this is something I needed to share.

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  • Nancy Bremer says:

    Having been on the receiving end of selfless love on our recent pilgrimage to Lourdes, I was in awe at the power of God’s love that is clear through faith in action. Our youth are still finding themselves and are bombarded by the pressures of their peers & our culture t see where they fit in. It takes a long time to cultivate the ability to give of oneself selflessly. Perhaps mission work may be another tool that allows kids to step out of their world, even if only briefly, to see the impact that they can have. Experience breeds reflection, confidence, and greater zeal to accomplish good!

  • I agree mission work is another tool, when it comes to mission work I freeze at the amount of options out there for teens, I also set high expectations and think that one service opportunity has to be better than the rest. To avoid this I need to put these opportunities on the calendar and work towards them…in other words be more proactive and less reactive.