Peg Leg Ministry

In the middle of the night (more like early morning) I had to get up to attend to my restless son.  As I stepped out of bed I thought my ankles were going to break off of my legs.  It’s my own dumb fault they feel that way.  I haven’t been good at stretching and keeping my muscles loose after running.  I also haven’t been good at strength training because sometimes I have this mentality “I just ran so I got my work in for the day.”  So I can see how sometimes simples steps feel more like walking on stubs.  But could you imagine that?  Could you imagine taking a step and then “snap!” one of your feet just snap right off?  Well that’s what happens to youth ministers all the time.
We think because we work in a church, we are actually worshipping God, we think because we preach out of the bible that we are actually investing ourselves in God’s word.  As a runner, I know that just because I run doesn’t mean that I’m in shape.  In fact if I wanted to drink and smoke before a race I could and I could run it well; however, if I maintained that habit it wouldn’t matter how much I ran, I still wouldn’t be healthy.  Diet, stretching and strength training are all essential habits of a healthy individual.  Worship and studying scripture are a part of any individual (especially a youth ministers) spiritual health.  

I know I have to work on these spiritual habits just as much as (if not more) than my physical habits.  And just like any discipline it needs to be scheduled in.  To figure this out I’ve been revamping my work schedule, we have a staff prayer which I enjoy, when I go to Mass it’s really family time, but I know my whole is personal one on one time with my Lord.
So where are there gaps in your spiritual training and when do you need to schedule them in?