Goat and 2 Chickens Half Off Sale

If someone sent my family a goat, I think I would know how to milk it, but that’s about it…are you supposed to eat the thing too?  To Chickens, that’s easy eggs and then when they are done KAPOW! Chicken stew.  I was perusing the World Vision site and came across their online giving page and saw that buying a goat, a cow, or a chicken was simple so I was thinking of  getting myself a goat, for my own family.
Actually, I was on the site because I’m looking at different ways we as a student ministry can incorporate service into the message series we do.  When it comes to mission work it can be a stand alone thing or something that deepens a message.  I admit as a youth pastor this isn’t my strong suit which frustrates me considering I gave a year of my life to service through the Jesuit Volunteer Corp.  I think I’ve gotten lazy at the matter and haven’t really been as aggressive as needed.  I also know when it comes to participating in service, I’m a go, but organizing and arranging a trip brings me great anxiety and I just don’t get it, I just think that’s where Satan and my fears attack me the most.  What if no one signs up?  What if the labor outweighs the fruit?
I look back to the past 6 years and when I came on board I was a lot more service gung ho but I got burned and now I’ve made those moments my monsters.  I feel taking service and incorporating it into some of the series is going to help me face the demons because it breaks it up into manageable steps.  Plus, I have some ministers on board to making this an action step.  I plan on conquering this fear and you can all consider this a part of my public confession.  I know it’s hard to identify what the fear really is and on top of it admit that we struggle with it.  Nothing is impossible with God, so you have to ask yourself, “Why am I limiting myself?”