How Do I Schedule In Nap Time?

My boss this week has been drooling a lot, he’s a little cranky and has been taking these power naps throughout the day.  He’s been particular about his drinks, constantly thirsty for attention and his jibber jabber doesn’t make any sense. I sometimes wonder what it is he really wants.  And oh man the diapers have been coming like every 5 minutes.
That’s right I’m not talking about my pastor, instead my 3 month old son.  My wife has been making the transition back to work this week; therefore, everyone in our family is making a transition.  For the next…oh I don’t know…18 years plus there will be a lot of moving, transitioning and rescheduling.  I’ll admit one thing that makes me nervous is how all of this will work.
Now to clarify, I won’t be staying at home, but there will be things like daycare pickups, sick days and other influences into my work schedule.  I’ll have to consider what my late meetings look like and what happens when my wife and I need to share a car.  I guess none of this should be a surprise for me considering I like looking at my schedule, making sure that I’m making the most of my time.  When it comes to working to my highest potential here are three guidelines that have helped me keep my sanity, when my schedule can’t:

  1. Communicate with family and family.  You need to figure out non negotiable time with the family, like when does your spouse need you at home, when are there family events that you can’t miss.  Share with your family when work should get busy. (For me it’s beginning of September, December and Lent)  When your spouse and kids know what’s going on, they can go from being suspicious to cheering you on.  On the flip side you need to communicate with your other family…your boss and staff.  When do they absolutely need you there, for me it’s Sundays and Thursday nights.  My home family knows that, my work family also understands the tension that can be caused between work and home and they support me and the rest of the staff in that development.
  2. Set schedule goals.  What do you need to get done each week, what’s a regular occurrence, during what days do you hope to accomplish X.  When and how regularly do you meet with staff and ministers.  What are your goals?  If you can’t track your time, you’ll find yourself stress from having too much and not enough on your plate.
  3. Do what you can do and give God the rest.  This I’ve learned from many great pastors and from many humbling experiences.  There are times when our lives get busy with work, but there are a lot of times where we have to commit it over to the Lord.  I’ve set for myself a normal work week schedule and even though it will change from season to season of my life, I know after my work hours are over, God’s taking care of the rest.  When I can’t figure out a situation, God will provide the answer…He’s going to get it all done.

I wish I had this all down but I realize more and more how hard it is to manage our time.  As church workers there are so many of us passionate about family and about work.  And while we believe we can just have at it, it’s so key to have guidelines.
What guidelines have you all had to help you manage your time the best?