Different People

The High Seas have taken over our church.  We are midway through Vacation Bible School, which means I hide in my office.  Not because I’m afraid of kids, I love kids, it just gets a little noisier in the mornings.  I’m a little sad because this year I didn’t get as involved with the students who are serving, because I’ve had my son with me, so my mobility around the office has been limited.  But, yesterday I headed out of the offices to see how things were going and I ran into a student who’s been helping out around the building the last two weeks.  It’s one of those stories you just love to hear.  Started volunteering at church because he needed community hours for school.  Not really a church kid, through interaction with the staff became interested in what the church had to offer and now he’s enthusiastic about getting involved in the student programs.  So how did it happen?
Through Different Relationships.  By talking to different people on staff as well as different ministers in the church, he was engaged in a variety of fronts.  Our student ministry constantly focuses on authentic relationships; however, what’s important to add to that mix is different relationships.  Granted I’m the Director of Student Ministry; however, if I left it to myself to engage and attract every single student into the church we would only have about 5.  Students need to be introduced to a variety of authentic relationships with adults who are going to be able to encourage them in different ways.  There’s going to be the adult who pushes them to discover their gifts.  There is going to be the adult who makes the bible seem relevant and then there is going to be the adult who listens, guides and holds them accountable.
Not every student is going to need multiple adults to cheer them on; however, to provide them with multiple opportunities to connect through a variety of relationships is key.  After all we are a community, so my challenge to you is to figure out how can you engage a young person in a relationship with Christ today?