Anticipating The Burrito

I’m trying to figure out what to eat today, so that I have enough room for my burrito.  It’s actually a hard task considering that I’m a little under the weather and food does not seem appetizing at this time.  But tonight is Church at Chipotle, the summer time Church of the Nativity Upward Ministries experiment.  One might ask, “Chris where does this idea come from?”  Well, it’s really due to alliteration.  Say it, “Church at Chipotle.” Doesn’t it sound good?  No but there are three opportunities I hope to provide.

  1. An opportunity for new students to join us.  Church at Chipotle sounds so different from just student ministries, or youth programs and even though it has the word church in there I think we’ll be able to draw a group of students who don’t regularly attend.
  2. An opportunity for regular students to stay connected.  Summertime has been scary because teens tend to drop off the face of the earth and without a regularly scheduled gatherings gaining momentum for the fall seems slim.
  3. An opportunity to teach them something new.  While Church at Chipotle’s main purpose is fellowship, the second purpose is worship.  We’ll be covering a Lectio Divina which means we’ll be covering scripture in a prayerful and reflective way.  This is in another prayerful tool we can add to the belt of teenagers aiming to get closer to God.

So, tonight the burrito meets the bible, I’m not sure which one will be harder to digest; however, I do know which one will be more filling.