If You Pay Me a $1 I’ll Dismantle This Bomb

Watched Hurt Locker last night, probably one of the best films I’ve seen in a while.  It was also fitting to watch it last night with fireworks going off in the background, it added some tension to the movie.  Part of me can’t believe it’s the 4th of July and the other half of me is ready for the fall.  In a week I’ll be sitting down with my leadership team to discuss the upcoming year and while it’s not as complicated as dismantling a bomb, it’s pretty important.  I’ll be meeting with the head of Uprising (high school), Resurrection (middle school) and small groups and we’ll be tackling

  • Intercommunications –  Communications between ministries is so important and we do this well for the  most part; however, I want to get more dynamic.  I want my volunteer ministers to start communicating on how we say goodbye to 8th grade students and seniors and how we say hello to incoming 7th grade students and freshman.  I want them to start communicating on what we are teaching in Resurrection and how we build on that in Uprising.  
  • Production Schedule – Right now I’m the only paid staff for the student ministry, so in order for my ministers to be successful in what they do I need to give them as much margin and grace as possible.  I need to hear from them an ideal timeline of getting things done.  I also want to hear from them what should be passed off to them, when and to which one of their ministers a certain topic, item or plan should go.

The setting of this meeting is going to be casual, I don’t want to put too much pressure on my ministers because they are doing this out of their love for God and teenagers.  Now if they were dismantling bombs, that would be another story.