On Hold From Doing God’s Work

After 40 minutes on hold and 15 minutes with the tech support of my Internet provider we eventually discovered that service was down in my area due to the major rain storm Tuesday night.  I was frustrated that I was on hold for so long, I was so frustrated because I wanted to get my research and writing done, and I needed Internet service.  Now, I probably could have done other work while I was on hold; however, I was so consumed with the issue that I was paralyzed from being productive.  It’s not like my cell was tied to the floor, it’s not like the music was a distraction (they actually played some good ones), I could have worked on other projects, but instead I was worried about getting my Internet back.

Ever worry about the mission trip, the camp, the message or that meeting?  Yeah me too.  Find that the more you worry about it, the more time is wasted?  Whenever I find myself in this situation I try to remember Matthew 6:25-34, when Jesus tells us not to worry: Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. (v 34) 
As youth pastors it’s important to surround ourselves with a support network, to help us focus on the necessary and have faith that God is going to work out the things not in our control.  Right now I have a professional coach and I’m working on obtaining a spiritual director.  If you aren’t in a small group or a bible study, it’s best to find that support.  I find that when I have support around me my mind isn’t so preoccupied with the things I can’t control and focused on the steps that I need to take in order to move forward.