Micro Machine Message

Do you remember those old micro machine commercials?  The one with the guy who talks a mile a minute?  Growing up I remember thinking, “How cool would it be to speak like that?”  Well, apparently I do, that’s at least what I think.  As I mentioned yesterday I spoke this weekend at big church, something I haven’t done in over a year.  After reviewing my message on itunes I realized the problem isn’t with how quickly I speak but how little I breath between sentences.  On top of the speaking quickly I know other things on my mind were not to over use my hands (I’m Italian) and not to pace back and forth.  So with all of this to remember how do I work on my speaking?
Tip 1: Review Tape.  I’m blessed to have people record me when I speak at student programming and big church.  I just need to get over how good looking I am and examen what needs improvement and what I do well.

Tip 2: Remember What Bob Shepherd Said.  Bob Shepherd the late great voice of the Yankees once told Tim Kurkjian, “No matter how slowly you think you are speaking you should speak slower.”  Which is true and one of the reason I ignore that is because I feel like a fool, but I have tape to prove that I still talk to fast.
Tip 3: Plan Your Body Language.  I need to mark when to breathe, when to look up, when to smile, when to move away from my notes.  It’s not that I need a script while I’m actually presenting; however, practicing movement is just as important as practicing words.
I’m sure there are many more tips out there, this is what I’ve found helps me, I just need to practice doing them.  What tips do you have for those who speak?

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  • Brian says:

    Good thoughts (I have to deal with the whole “get over how good looking I am” thing too!). I’d suggest making room for Looooonnngg pauses in your message. It can be surprising, after an important point, to just stop and give the brain a chance to process what you have said. Of course, eye contact is a must. In fact, I’d suggest that even if you use a text, you should know what you are going to say so well that if the text was lost, you could still deliver your message. Peace, Brian

  • Appreciate the feedback, had to re watch the message with my pastor, it was intimidating but overall he was pleased and gave great feedback…argh such a humble experience.