Break in the Heat

My run this morning was really enjoyable because I didn’t have to worry as much about dehydration, it was only 65 degrees.  Today marks a break in the oppressive heat we have had here these last couple of weeks in Baltimore.  When the weather is in the triple digits all you can do is sit near the air condition.  But now that there is a break it’ll be time to tackle a few more outdoor projects, intensive my running and enjoy outside once again,
Today also marks a break for me in the speaking schedule.  The past two weekends I gave messages, this week I get a break and then I’ll speak the following two.  So what will I do with this change in schedule?
I’m looking to promote our programs to our parents.  Everything gets going this September however, there are things they should know about the upcoming year.

  • Worship Band – We have a new adult worship leader, very excited to have him on board; however, we lost a few seniors this year so we’ll be looking for some new band members.  I know a few musicians at church, but the question is can they play in the band.  Not sure how you communicate this to parents; however, we need to get the word out.
  • Small Groups – Our current “closed” small groups will begin in September; however, our new and “open” groups will begin in October.  We want to give new students the chance to feel out the program and the leaders before they commit to a group.  We also need to encourage parents to encourage their teens because life change happens in small groups.
  • Student Impact – I understand that it can be difficult for students to connect into our student worship and small groups because they are only at one time during the week.  If they can’t get themselves into a small group or to our worship program it’s important that they at least plug into a ministry.

The fruit that is produced by students connected into a local church community are endless.  When a local church can provide the avenues for students to take ownership and the lead there is no saying what God will do.  So this week I’ll be writing letters, shooting emails and texting parents to let them know that we want their students to be a part of the young church that will affect this local church which in turn will move and grow God’s church.