Back To Work Again

I’m feeling rested after my little vacation.  I would have liked to have taken 2 weeks off but with the fall kickoff this Thursday it was a little hard to make that happen.  Nonetheless, I feel pretty good walking into the office today, but then again I know I have to check email, listen to phone messages and tackle the world…well that’s what it feels like.  Honestly, walking back into the office is a little intimidating after taking some time off.  Even if it doesn’t really happen we imagine paperwork up the whazoo, phones ringing off the hook and meetings that will never end.  So how do we take on the first day back?

  • Take a Breath – It’s revisiting the unknown.  Even if you have worked there for 40 years, it can feel as if you are walking into an entirely new world.  Breathe, pray and ask God to guide you through.
  • Make a List – Start prioritizing what’s your day.  Even if you aren’t sure what’s number one right and what’s number two, take the time to make a to-do list and start knocking it out.  If you need to re-prioritize do not worry.
  • Messages and Emails Midday – Temptation is to check that blinking light right away.  If you waited a few days or weeks to check those messages waiting until lunch won’t kill you.  An email or voice message can totally sideswipe you from getting in the groove, so leave it alone.
  • Don’t Stay Too Late – You may have a lot of work on your table; however, don’t burn yourself out your first day back.  You may want to stay a little late, and you can but pick a time you will go home and stay to it.

I’m going to do my best to take my own advice, it’s always a lot easier said then done.  But I’m actually excited thinking about getting my fall started, getting to see the students again and motivating adults to serve God through student ministry.  Unfortunately that can all get washed away if I’m not prepared for my first day back.