Don’t Be A Hater Week 1 Reflection

This past Thursday we started our fall series “Don’t Be a Hater” where we are talking about anger and forgiveness.  One of the challenges we set forth for the first week of this series is to have the students track the triggers that make them angry.  We did this by making postcard size calendars where they can track each day the things that sets them off.  Then they will bring them back the next week and we’ll analyze whether or not what triggers their anger is righteous or unrighteous.  Our goal is to help them see how anger can be good when it’s against sin.  We also hope that they learn not to harbor their anger so that it turns into hate.
Since Thursday my anger has been challenged with a flat tire and a tree branch falling from my neighbors yard onto my kid’s playground, shattering the plexiglass slide.  These events frustrated me, I’m annoyed but thankful that both incidences can easily be resolved.  
Despite those moments, Thursday set off a really good year.  We had a good turnout from the students, the program ran smooth and there was a positive energy running through the night.  The Holy Spirit’s presence was evident.  Today I have the middle school programs and I’m hoping to keep the energy moving.  I want people to feel good about tonight, so that they can feel positive about the year ahead.
I hope that you read this week because I’m going to break down and analyze all that I’ve learned from our opening nights.  Please stick around and I’m hoping you learn something.