Is It Excessive?: Are you doing too much or do you just think you are?

Last night was the third weekend in a row of dinner parties and now with Thanksgiving and Christmas on the horizon, the question that comes across my mind is, “Am I being excessive?”  Every weekend there is something to go to and with all the food I’m eating I’m pushing the limits of my clothes.  It’s so hard to say, “no” to all the but then again it’s that time of year to be festive, joyous and eat.  However, if I keep it up I’m going to be wiped before the new year hits.
One of the best things we can do through the holidays is maintain a normal diet, sleep and work schedule.  It’s not easy but important.  In student ministry it doesn’t matter what season it is if you start acting too excessive you’ll wipe yourself out.  And when that happens you will miss out on a lot of opportunities.  However, if you fear doing too much and instead do too little, you’ll find the same results.  So where can we be excessive in ministry?  Here are three areas I want to talk about:

  • Meetings
  • Talking
  • Schedules

Over the next few days I’m opening up this blog series “Is It Excessive.” where I hope to create some dialogue about where we are and aren’t excessive in these areas.  When it comes to meetings, talking and schedules I feel that we sometimes hold back because we are afraid of doing too much in these areas.  But then there is the other extreme where we feel that filling them up and doing more is most important thing we can do.
So are your meetings excessive, your talking and your schedules, join me the next few days to discuss, debate and discern.
But why the topic is fresh, what other areas in ministry can we overdue, fill up or make excessive?