Christmas Ministry Dreams: How to make them come true

With Christmas approaching I’m sure many of us are asking the question, “What do you want for Christmas?”…for me I want to wake up on Christmas day, not get out of my pajama pants and eat Chinese with my wife and son until I can eat no more…but I’ll settle for a wakeup time of 9am and some snacks.  When I was a little kid I wanted a Red Rider BB Gun but my mom said that I would shoot my eye out…oh wait that was A Christmas Story  But, in all reality this time of year is a time where we have hopes and wishes, it’s because it’s a time of new beginnings and with new beginnings we have new dreams.  Anyway, with this being a time of year filled with new beginnings I thought it would be good time to ask all the youth ministers out there:
What do you dream for your ministry in the next year?  
For me this is what I dream:

  • A better system for recruiting ministers.  This was on my list of things to do before the New Year happens…so I better get cracking.
  • More high school students leading small groups for their younger peers.  Our 5th/6th grade program is growing, we need high school students to peer mentor them.
  • Worship band multiplies.  Right now we have one band and it’s good, and I know our worship leaders Chris and Mike are going to grow more of them.

Those are a few of my dreams. So how can they come true?  Vision casting.  If I keep this a secret to myself then I’m saying, “I can do this on my own.” But that’s dumb because I won’t always have the answers.  Dreams are meant to be shared and when it comes to ministry we share them with our ministers.  So take some time this Christmas, write out your dreams in a Christmas card that you send to them, take them out for coffee and cast that vision, just share it.  By sharing vision you can reassure yourself that you are not alone.  But one of the best things about sharing your vision is that you give your ministers ownership of something great.

Again, what do you dream for your ministry in the next year?  Share it