A Bit Of The Small Stuff: Looking at the small but big moments in ministry

I wanted to see it, but wasn’t planning on waiting up or setting my alarm; however, this morning at 3:18am EST I woke up on my own and walked outside to see the lunar eclipse…I believe it was the first time that we would have a Lunar Eclipse in North America on the same day as the Winter Solstice since 1638 and it would be the last time until 2094.  It was eery but nonetheless a cool little moment.
As I got up for my run this morning I thought about those cool little moments in ministry.  I know yesterday I talked about being in awe of the people and events God had put in my life during the year 2010, but what about the small moments, the ones we overlook?  Sometimes we need the small moments to pile up so that we can reach that stage of awe.  These are some of those moments for me:

  • A student bringing a friend for the first time and showing them off to me or one of the other leaders.  That’s being proud of evangelicalism.
  • A student bringing a bible and showing me, that they know the value of studying scripture.
  • Setting out a challenge and then witnessing on Facebook or Twitter a student following through.
  • A minister taking the reigns of a game, activity, message, or small group.  I love when a leader shows me how he or she went outside of the box.
  • A parent who wants to get involved or learn more about the topic because their child said something that interested them.
  • Students coming early and staying late because they don’t want to miss a moment of program.

I’m in awe of these moments, and I try to look forward to them but I know not to expect specific ones because I don’t want to restrain the way God works in my life.  It’s important to be in awe of what God is doing and while you reflect on 2010, I would encourage you to think about those moments that built up the awe, those moments that make what you do feel so great.
What are those moments for you? Please Comment.