Leaders Are Learners: So what are you learning?

It’s getting near Christmas and I feel like I have to start squeezing in a million things last minute.  Yesterday, we finished shooting a video that we are doing for the Christmas Eve pre show at the Maryland State Fairgrounds and I’m wiped.  I’m trying hard not to let things pile up too much, I want to maintain a pace that’s comfortable so that when Christmas morning hits, I’m not too exhausted to enjoy the small moments and be in awe of what God has surrounded me with.  I want to be able to relax and refresh myself, so how can that get done?  I rely on the advice from leaders who are skilled in efficiency, planning and leadership.  Basically, I’m working to learn from leaders.  Here are four leaders that I learn from and a few articles that are helping me plan better, be more efficient and grow in leadership.  Enjoy:

  • Maintaining the Piles: Here are two great articles from Michael Hyatt (Chairman and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishing) on how he maintains his digital and physical inbox.  It’s a system, but it’s simple, check them out.  EMAIL and INBOX
  • Plan For The New Year: Chris Brogan, business consultant and president of Human Business Works writes about planning for the New Year.  It’s short but very sweet: Plan for a Better 2011
  • Make The Most Of Meeting Up: Planning a retreat or gathering for your workers?  Read this post by blogger/author Seth Godin: How to organize a retreat Then when you are done, read the rest of his blog, the man is amazing.  
  • Reading Power: Do This One Thing and You’ll Rise Above Your Peers is an excellent article by Donald Miller (author).  I know reading sounds like something you do in your spare time, but if you want to get ahead you need to know what great minds did before you.
Again Leaders are Learners, I’ll say that again, Leaders are Learners.  In the upcoming year make a commitment to learn from others, even if they aren’t in your field.  A new perspective or approach is what you may need.  So again check out the people I suggested and feel free to share the leaders you follow here.  

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  • bethegospel says:

    i read lots of blogs and try to read about 20 books a year.

  • Yeah I’m a little of a bookworm…I try to mix it up from time to time but I find myself getting trapped in certain genres. One thing that’s also been good for me is downloading conferences and listening to podcasts.
    What are some of the books people are reading out there?